TBR pile round up…

So at the start of the year I counted the number of books in my TBR pile. They numbered (not including miscellaneous at work) 57. It’s coming up on December and I have the day off (the pathetic by-product of not going on a holiday this year and needing to use up holiday days, meh) so I decided to revisit the pile and see how many I’d gotten through.

Total number of books (physical, I’ll get back to this in a minute) is 50. A reduction! I won! I won!

Yeah. Anyway, sod it. I love books; you can’t stop me buying them, the very real and present danger of poverty can’t stop me buying them. It’s in the blood. I read everything I could lay my hands on as a kid—which leads to another thing I was thinking about this morning. I missed out, due to an unfortunate coincidence of age and possibly market forces, on the Lemony Snicket books as a kid. I was 15 when the first of the Unfortunate Events series was published and 15 was the age when I was allowed choose and read any book I wanted…until then books (not all, that would have been impossible given the sheer volume) had to be okayed by a parent for content. Purely for age appropriate reasons and I don’t begrudge it (although possibly the fight that resulted from my illicit purchase of Sleepers I could have done without). They would absolutely have approved of Lemony Snicket, but when the floodgates opened I went straight for Stephen King and John Grisham and oh, so many others. So yes, reading my first Lemony Snicket book at the tender age of 27, after a recommendation on Twitter last night.

See what I mean though (from the original blog post), someone recommends a book and I drop everything to check it out and, as often as not, buy it. So my TBR pile is destined to be massive forever. The thing that has affected the pile most, has, interestingly, or perhaps typically, been the entry of an iPad into my life. The number of books waiting to be read on that totals three. And there’s plenty of already reads on it. I’ve found that I like reading books on screen and the fact that where my iPad goes, I go means I always have a book on me. I say that though, but I always had a book in my bag anyway. So I’m not actually sure there’s a valid point there. It’s certainly easier to carry, so maybe that’s it. (Lets not go into my recent handbag downsizing trauma here, I haven’t quite adapted yet.)

So yes, there you go. In a year I’ve managed to reduce my TBR pile by seven. Which is in no way indicative of the amount of books I’ve read. Am doomed to poverty and possibly breaking my back carrying boxes of books the next time I move.