In which Tweet Treats invades…

We all know there’s just one word that describes me accurately. Yes, just one. And that word is philanthropic. I am (according to the OED), “friendly towards humanity”. Yup. Love me a bit of humanity. Not so fond of people, they get right on my wick, but humanity’s great…

Anywhoozle, where was I? So, I was casting about one day last April, bored with life, thwarted in love (almost unbelievable, I know) when I noticed an insistent little hashtag pushing its way into my Twitter world: #Tweettreats

Tweet Treats is (now) a recipe book composed of many, many 140 character recipes. 140 of those recipes were submitted by celebrities—sensing a theme? Yup, it’s a recipe book inspired by, created from Twitter people (tweeps, not twerps, no matter what your iPhone or private moments of irritation tell you…).

One such twerp (letting that one slide), actually, the ORIGINAL twerp, is Jane Travers. It’s her fault, she started all this because she let chicken thighs see her fear. Jane tweeted her chickeny dilemma, was overwhelmed with delicious, snappily written recipes (having only 140 characters to work with it a boon, at times) and she was off. A long, dedicated, pestering (I say that with love) campaign began to see how many recipes could be gathered, and who could benefit from their deliciousness.

Tweet Treats swiftly became a storming online campaign of tweeters—this is where I come in. When (yes, WHEN, go, do it now!) you purchase Tweet Treats you will see not only recipes from me (woot—try the chocolate biscuit cake (named Fridge Bars), it ROCKS) but also, also one from Sarah Brown, wife of Gordon and maker of a very yummy sounding vegetable soup. Yes, that’s right readers, I snagged that fish. *takes a bow*

So it’s obvious Jane couldn’t have done this whole thing without me. She’s massively grateful, she just doesn’t show it. Ever.

To summarise:

  • Tweet Treats, good eatin’ from snappy, hassle-free recipes.
  • Contains me.
  • Is readily available for purchase online or in stores.

And just ignore the fact that all the money raised from book sales goes to the excellent Medecins San Frontieres, I’m sure we can all agree that they don’t need the money or the support…oh…