Pre-Fringe calm…

So festival season is upon us. Edinburgh’s population has exploded, it’s raining, muggy, you can’t get on a bus for tourists and, generally, insane. Woot!

The Fringe kicks off on with half price previews on Thursday and Friday…canny (read “utterly stupid”) money-saving booking has resulted me going to six shows in two days. The timing for this couldn’t be better, I mean it’s not as if work isn’t horrifically busy, or anything like that…oh.

Anyway, first up is “What Remains” with the Traverse, it’s run by Grid Iron who are experts at site-specific production. This one is on in Edinburgh Uni’s medical school so is bound to be eerie. Then a break for food, drinks, chat and Jason Byrne who is always knicker-wettingly funny.

Friday has been renamed “Four Show Friday”, or, “The Day Ciara Dies”. Kicking off with a picnic (although this will inevitably turn into a sandwich under rain-cover), then Simon Callow dragging up at Assembly Hall (best/most impressive venue of the Fringe, I think), then Ruby Wax, David O’Doherty and Late Night Gimp Fight (a sketch show, but they promise gimps).

If I survive, I’ll review over the weekend. Yay for August in Edinburgh!


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