In which I make very difficult decision…

Just to let you know, everything about this post feels wrong. Wrong deep in my soul…

My To Be Read pile is fairly large, I like to think of it as epic but then I’m a drama queen. That’s not to say others don’t have bigger piles, or more impressive piles, or piles that are arranged nicer than mine…let’s not get competitive people!

I currently have 57 books on my bookshelf waiting to be read. This does not include the eight books at my desk in work that have been ordered, delivered and languish there because I’m too lazy to drag them home. To the pile. The epic pile. I love books, love them with a fierce, burning passion…I used to cry in the local library because there were so many books and I couldn’t read them all right now. I had two library cards and took out the full quota every week. (Yes, I was a massive loser, move on…) and when I see a book that sparks my interest mentioned online, by a friend, in a shop I tend to forget the epic pile and buy it! It’s a book, yay! Nothing wrong with it, in fact, I think impulsiveness in the face of a good book is one of my best qualities.

So. Here we are, a large pile of lovely books, one girl, two eyes, a full time job, various activities and (let’s face it, this is the most important reason) a bank account that’s so empty homeless people feel sorry for me. Actually, scratch that, the most important reason is the fact that I have purchased these amazing books that all caught my eye but are permanently being ignored in favour of the shiny new book that lands in front of me…

NO MORE. I will not purchase another book until the pile is significantly diminished. Significantly. Down to maybe five? That’s reasonable, right? The very idea makes my heart thump, to be honest. I made this decision yesterday and immediately fought the idea to slip a few new books in under the radar…I mean, I reaaaaaaalllly want to read “Reading Shakespeare’s Sonnets: A New Commentary”, ooh, and, well…everything. That’s the trouble. I want to read everything. (Still one of my best qualities.)

So that’s it. Operation Be Really Strict With Myself has begun. Who thinks I’m going to fail miserably?*


*Me, I am soooooo going to fail. I added two books to my Wish List today alone…doomed.



23 Comments on “In which I make very difficult decision…”

  1. Oh me too! I have a wishlist that will take me till July but I still have to actually stop myself going and looking at more. Sympathies, sista. Xxx

  2. Kate M says:

    You are so going to fail. But it’s a noble aspiration.

  3. nettiewriter says:

    Hello, my name is Annette and I’m a bookaholic.
    I don’t want to rain on your parade or anything but sweetie, you’ll never do it. Like @MrUku with his pen fixation and me with my book/notebook problem, your pile will just keep getting higher.
    Would a more sensible aim perhapsd be to read the older books first and adding the fantastic new books to the bottom of the pile?
    I no longer know what books I still have to read. I slip them onto shelves or onto my Kindle and read the new shiny one first.
    I wish you luck and sit here with tissues and the link to when you fail.
    Sorry. Maybe you are stronger than me. But one a book junkie, always a book junkie.

    • Muddled says:

      You’re so going to be the first person I run to when I press “purchase”…the reading older ones first plan is a good one though. Hmm, something to ponder.

  4. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Rebecca Brown, chiddle. chiddle said: Everything about this decision feels wrong…I'm not buying any more books*… *for a while. […]

  5. Jess says:

    Maybe instead of setting yourself a negative goal (no new books until you’ve finished the ones you have) you could set a positive goal (no new books until you’ve saved a certain amount with a bit left over for a book-related trip)?

    • Muddled says:

      Jess, I love your positive outlook on this! I really need to be tough with myself but as this is definitely not going to work for me so I need to have a kinder (to me) plan ready. I’m liking Catherine’s “take time off work to plow through” suggestion too…

  6. Oh boy. I thought *I* was bad with my 8 or 9 unread (plus 3 Serious Literary Ones that I’m keeping for a trans-atlantic flight or something)! My dream is to one day have read all the books on my Amazon wish list.. which I add to every day, so you can see how that’s never going to happen.

    When I REALLY want to buy books but I can’t because I haven’t read the ones I own, I’ll sometimes buy a book that I used to own but lost for some reason, or buy a fancy new edition of I book I have at home, just to get that book-buying fix without adding to my To Read pile. Drastic, but it works!

    I think you should call in sick for two weeks and just plough through them…!

    • Muddled says:

      Oh god, is 60-something really bad? I just can’t help myself! Am loving the plan to take time off and read, read, read…may sneak in a holiday request tomorrow…

  7. nettiewriter says:

    Ooh – I like the call in sick ruse! A 2 week reading orgy!

  8. I’ll tell you my plan A, I’m going to find The Matrix and plug a speed reading course into my head. That will mean a book a day, my problems solved. I also thought of quitting my job, but the rest of the family insist on eating so that was plan B ruined.
    So, shall we meet at the bookshop round the corner tomorrow?

  9. Jane Travers says:

    I’m so impressed with the size of your TBR pile! I generally operate on a TBR of 6-8 books; when I have less than three I start to feel panicky.

    I definitely think you should reward yourself by spending money on non-Knicker-revealing dresses and not on books. 5 books left in the TBR sounds damn sensible to me!

    • Muddled says:

      Well, the plan is to get to Australia to visit Travelling Bestie…this shall be my incentive! And maybe some knickers I’m not ashamed of flashing…


  10. Geraldine says:

    My Amazon wishlist runs to 16 pages! – and most of it relates to books. I also buy books from shops (gasp!) – so my TBR pile is HUGE. I read books in series order – and always like to have a few ahead (unless it’s a series that I’m up to date with) – and then I see ‘new & interesting’ stuff that I ‘just have to buy’ (do all these excuses sound familiar to you ????) Anyhow – I’m working on the basis that someday (ah the elusive someday) I will have loads of time and a really comfy sofa – and then I can read to my heart’s content – thus the pile will reduce. Of course by then I’ll have had to buy a garden shed or rent a storage unit for all of them. Do you think there’s a book in ‘Confessions of a Bookaholic’ – we could all contribute?!

  11. I feel for you! And try to do the same as you: will NOT buy more books. But they keep popping up on my screen, and before I know it, I’ve ordered new books. Fantasy trilogies, so three books LOL. My partner thinks I’m nuts.
    Be strong and read on. But if you fail, I will applaud! 😉

  12. sarsm says:

    My trick: buy book for your partner and declare it a present. If necessary, use partners salary to pay for books.

  13. camassey says:

    I’m totally behind the “start with the oldest” plan, but that only solves 1 problem – how to be a bit more structured about your reading. It doesn’t solve the “I have no more money in my bank account” problem.

    How fast do you read? Maybe you could try enacting a “2 out, 1 in” policy to try & at least slow down your rate of acquisition while still being moderately realistic?

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