In which I make very difficult decision…

Just to let you know, everything about this post feels wrong. Wrong deep in my soul…

My To Be Read pile is fairly large, I like to think of it as epic but then I’m a drama queen. That’s not to say others don’t have bigger piles, or more impressive piles, or piles that are arranged nicer than mine…let’s not get competitive people!

I currently have 57 books on my bookshelf waiting to be read. This does not include the eight books at my desk in work that have been ordered, delivered and languish there because I’m too lazy to drag them home. To the pile. The epic pile. I love books, love them with a fierce, burning passion…I used to cry in the local library because there were so many books and I couldn’t read them all right now. I had two library cards and took out the full quota every week. (Yes, I was a massive loser, move on…) and when I see a book that sparks my interest mentioned online, by a friend, in a shop I tend to forget the epic pile and buy it! It’s a book, yay! Nothing wrong with it, in fact, I think impulsiveness in the face of a good book is one of my best qualities.

So. Here we are, a large pile of lovely books, one girl, two eyes, a full time job, various activities and (let’s face it, this is the most important reason) a bank account that’s so empty homeless people feel sorry for me. Actually, scratch that, the most important reason is the fact that I have purchased these amazing books that all caught my eye but are permanently being ignored in favour of the shiny new book that lands in front of me…

NO MORE. I will not purchase another book until the pile is significantly diminished. Significantly. Down to maybe five? That’s reasonable, right? The very idea makes my heart thump, to be honest. I made this decision yesterday and immediately fought the idea to slip a few new books in under the radar…I mean, I reaaaaaaalllly want to read “Reading Shakespeare’s Sonnets: A New Commentary”, ooh, and, well…everything. That’s the trouble. I want to read everything. (Still one of my best qualities.)

So that’s it. Operation Be Really Strict With Myself has begun. Who thinks I’m going to fail miserably?*


*Me, I am soooooo going to fail. I added two books to my Wish List today alone…doomed.



In which I meander…for the first time this year

Ah beloved blog. Bloggitybloggityblogblog…I knew I would soon tire of you. All of a sudden though, I woke up with an urge to communicate and who am I to ignore that? Well, exactly.

What have I been up to since I last graced these hallowed [web] pages with my verbose, systematically meandering prose? Well, something bad happened workwise (nothing I could help and it only involved me in an extraordinarily peripheral way *throws angry glance at UK Supreme Court* *mutters* but was still a pain in my ass). More importantly, I have been home for Christmas (Muddled 1, ridiculous snow 0), which was lovely. Really, surprisingly delightful. For the second year running we had no fights. As I type this I am sure of two things: (a) most of you hate me right now; and (b) next Christmas will be filled with familial carnage where a group of intelligent, extraordinarily sarcastic people penned in together for a week will utilize every tool in their arsenal to rip the other asunder. So a return to the Christmases of my youth, yay!

This Christmas was also more fragrant than expected…and not in the pleasant sense of the word. Six days of frozen water pipes. Imagine me in the shower (no, not like that!) on Christmas Eve pouring jugs of water over myself in order to fool myself into thinking it was a shower. It didn’t work. Grrr.

However, I did get over my utter steaming malevolence towards New Years Eve; I spent it in the company of some of my best friends drinking hot port and chatting. There was only some randomness: the DJ rang in the New Year three minutes early and seemed to only play Prince, and there was the small incident of the house fire (not actually a fire, everyone is ok, but it was scary).

Anyway, all this festive joy and the ensuing return to work (yay, work! No sarcasm) has made me consider my priorities for the year ahead…

I haven’t come up with anything meaningful.

In light of this, here are some random things I hope might happen.

  1. Everyone will be happy and smiley and only have good things happen to them. (Yeah, yeah, I know. Likelihood zero.)
  2. I will succeed in secret career plan. This shouldn’t be difficult, I rock. Also, start a fricking pension (so old, soooooo old *sobs*).
  3. Book, pay for and travel to Australia to visit Travelling Bestie. Oh she thought she was getting away from me, ahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
  4. Spread the good word of the em dash far and wide so people both understand it and USE IT. Similarly, I am willing to offer some form of sacrifice to the author gods so that lovely, wonderful writers stop using double spaces after full points. Yes, this is my constant bugbear.
  5. Um. Other stuff.

See, aren’t you glad I decided to blog again? If nothing else it lives up to its name, miscellaneous, utterly muddled musings…you missed me, didn’t you?