Review: “Going the Distance”.

Am just back from “Going the Distance”, with Drew Barrymore and Justin Long…well, with my flatmate really, but you know what I mean. We had been meaning to go earlier but didn’t have the time. Even with that, however, the screening was over half full, which is a good sign I reckon. On another side note, Sunday cinema is possibly my favourite day for cinema-going, we generally go in the morning to make the most of the quiet, chilled screening—yes, I am a loser—but it is a deeply relaxing way to spend Sunday. Follow a morning movie with late brunch (what is brunch when it’s after lunch btw? Binner? (brunch and dinner), Trunch? (tea and brunch). *That might be a discussion for another day).

Anyway, in keeping with the history of insubstantial movie reviews on this blog, I’ll keep it short. “Going the Distance” was surprisingly funny. I expected it to be a rather mediocre chick flick but we laughed throughout the movie. A lot. Justin Long’s friends were right on the money, just the right side of ridiculous, and while I really feel that Christina Applegate is too young to play the neurotic older sister, she really was excellent. Particularly in the final scenes.

Apart from the humour, the emotions played out in the movie were very real, easy to identify with, and not horrifically overwrought (remember “She’s Out of Your League”?).

Anyway, if you are in the mood for a laugh and don’t want to play witness to your usual (and, recently, truly horrific) chick flicks—go see it.

*Feel free to vote for your favourite, binner or trunch, in the comments.


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