Raindrops on roses…

I was pondering blog post topics and was all set to spew forth a list of things that irritate me. This list would be epic, tightly woven, beautifully biting…I do bitter so very well, you see. Then I thought, “no, there is enough negativity wandering around due to war criminals, religious figures, slutty footballers, divorcing singers (word used loosely) and, worst of all, Robbie and Gary reuniting in sickening style”—boys, believe me, in relationships you can rarely go back, in time you will see this was a mistake.

So I have decided to dedicate this blog post to thing I love…it will get dull, no doubt, but there you go. It goes without saying that some family and all friends are among the things I love but detailing this would definitely be overwhelmingly dull. They’re great, good for them. (Oh dear, it appears that even when contemplating lovely things, my sarcasm is inherent.)

  1. My deepest love will always be for the em dash, it is indeed a thing of beauty.
  2. I love going into Pret, walking to the counter and having my soya mocha handed to me without having to ask for it…it’s such a tiny thing but nice.
  3. Red wine is delicious, therefore, it must make the list.
  4. For some reason, Maverick was my favourite movie when I was a kid…now I know what we all know about Mel Gibson I doubt I will ever watch it again, let alone enjoy it. But I did love it.
  5. The casually evil (evil as in sarcastic, mainly) statement is wonderful, my flatmate has a particular knack of dropping the most vicious statement in the loveliest, most unexpected way—cracks me up every single time.
  6. I love Twitter, even though I am on there way too much and don’t enjoy some things about it, but there are so many brilliant, funny, erudite people on there daily is it a joy which keeps me highly amused.
  7. My mammy’s chicken casserole.
  8. Settling down in a cinema/theatre/other auditorium-type building for some form of performance that brings me out of my head and lets me escape.
  9. I love that there are people in the world that are so different to me; they may have opinions that infuriate and/or thrill me, but at least they are thinking, expressing and doing. Until they go too far, then obviously I shall turn my ire upon them.
  10. The Jolly Postman—I always loved reading the postcards and catalogues, especially the post the witches receive.
  11. My job—actually living the dream (the nerdy, pedantic, lovely dream).

There are many other things, but sure this post is dull enough and long enough.


3 Comments on “Raindrops on roses…”

  1. nettiewriter says:

    “Was that fast? I thought that was fast. Was it fast?”

  2. sarahcallejo says:

    I love… this post. It was such a good idea, you should do a sort of award, make it a trend in blogosphere. I want to write an “I love…” post too.

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