Review: “Tamara Drewe”

I tottered off to the cinema on Saturday afternoon (which was, incidentally, the day after the night before so my head was hurting slightly) with a group of girlies. I don’t know what we were expecting with “Tamara Drewe”, but whatever it was we certainly got much, much more than we bargained for!

I can’t even really describe the movie, there were so many things going on, melding storylines into each other with almost flawless performances coming from the entire cast. Especially the cows. And Tamsin Greig.

Gemma Arterton is glorious, Luke Evans is beefcake-tastic but Dominic Cooper stole my heart for the course of the movie. He took the pee out of himself well and I like a guy who can rock guyliner.

Tamara Drewe—go see it. Basically. It is, I think, much more than the sum of its parts.


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