In which I return to tedium…

So tomorrow is September. Which is a good month, in general, as it is my birthday month! All the best people were born in September, you know. Examples include Buddy Holly, Paul Walker, Beyonce, Freddie Mercury and Oliver Stone. Yup, that was 10 minutes, three websites and about 42 clicks I’ll never get back again.

Also, that Peggy Mitchell has some slap on her, hasn’t she? I just saw an ad of her “best bits” (hehe, carry on dearie, carry on…) and she must have slapped at least 8 out of 10 characters ever to appear on the tough streets of Walford. Since I harbour dreams of becoming Pat Butcher when I grow up, I was a little affronted to see how many times Peggy whacked her across the face.

The song in my head (earworm, I believe it is called…) at the moment, is Baby’s Coming Back by Jellyfish. I have no idea why…

Someone on the tellybox is explaining how stone age people ground grain to make bread…something to do with rocks and wild geese, oh no, wait, yeast. Makes more sense that way, admittedly.

I wore a new dress today…it was lovely. My winter boots (yes, it’s that cold here in stupid Scotland (sorry Scotland, I love you really)) don’t go with it though. Obviously this means I must purchase new boots…

If you haven’t noticed yet, I am feeling a tad unfocussed. Mainly because work is mental at the moment and I have to dedicate all my meager brainpower from 8am onwards to that with a fiery, fiery passion. Also, because the *Fringe is over and my social life is about to plummet. PLUMMET. I am dull every other month of the year…so this blog is probably going to get much more entries (yay! I hear you say), but they are going to be extraordinarily dull (boo! Sad but true).

Ho hum…

*Also, I have no idea why the picture of my Fringe tickets is sideways, but apologies anyway!


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