August on the wind-down…

So *August is almost over! That was a bit of a whirlwind, wasn’t it? Not only did I go to a zillion shows (with two left to go to), but I also powered through a heinously busy period in work (which may lead to some exciting news towards the end of the year), took a few personal issues to task, had an excellent bestie reunion, watched Beaches for the first time, almost lost my life/sanity due to an ill-timed author query AND experienced the most horrendous rage as a result of a stupid person without losing my temper…could I be learning control? Is it possible? Probably not…

My control (ahaha, every time I re-read this I think of incontinence—I have no issues in this department, however. Just to reassure you) has been much, much better recently. Which is nice, because although I rarely (thankfully) show my temper (because it’s no one’s issue but my own), it does stick in my mind for hours and hours and causes Extreme Sourness.

Anyway, that was a little segue in to the inner rage of Muddled (me), because what I really wanted to update you on was my Big Booker Challenge progress…of which there is very little, tbh. However, I did warn you this would happen. (AugustEdinburghFringeWorkAugustEdinburghFringeWorkAugustEdinburghFringe)

Anyway, I am 90 per cent of the way through Warner’s “The Stars in the Bright Sky”. I wish I could give an accurate, objective, intelligent assessment of the text but, alas, I cannot. My utter, utter, OVERWHELMING hatred for Manda, one of the main protagonists has blinded me. Which is good, when you think about it…surely the whole point of reading is to draw you into the character’s world, to make you empathize and experience…and holy heck, do I empathize with Manda’s put upon companions. I would have smacked her in the face with a giant mackerel almost instantly. But that’s just my opinion/reaction and maybe, once I have read the entire book, I will have something different to say.

*Also, Christmas is FOUR MONTHS AWAY (cue maniacal cackling.)


One Comment on “August on the wind-down…”

  1. DJ Kirkby says:

    *Ahem* I love Christmas 🙂

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