*The Fringe so far…

So, as a follow on from a previous blog post, the Fringe has kicked off in Edinburgh and it seems like everyone hit the ground at a flat run! I know I did…

Thus far, the Fringe has been going for seven days. Preview dates (whoop, half price!) and two for one days (also whoop!) are over. So in the seven days since it started I have been to see seven shows (three of which started at midnight)…which is, frankly, insane. I have never been so exhausted. Yesterday, I stared at my PC (yeuch) screen for five minutes trying to remember the name of the book I was working on…five whole minutes. Why I didn’t just look at the file name is beyond me, but as I said. Exhausted.

What I’ve seen so far (in order of viewing):

Des Bishop: For some reason I had convinced myself I don’t like Des Bishop. Then I went to see his show last year and it was good. I find that he delves fairly deeply into the human condition, there is more emphasis on the emotional that is usual in stand up, I would say. This show was no different. Titled “My Dad Was Nearly James Bond”, the show focuses on Bishop’s father who has stage four small cell leukemia. So this is an emotive topic and there were some upsetting moments. But overall, Bishop handled the crowd mood well, successfully bringing us back to a peak after some particularly morbid chat.

Verdict: Worth a look, he’s Irish American and has got undeniable swagger.

The Penny Dreadfuls: Oh how I love these boys! I first say the Dreadfuls in 2008 and their Victorian era skits had me howling with laughter. I missed them last year (in an obvious bout of insanity) and regret it now. Their 2010 show is excellent, clever and funny and joyfully hammed up at just the right moment. Best bit? Oh all of it, but if I was to choose, it would be the Twilight skit—I almost peed myself! This troupe (can you call them a troupe if there’s only three? Is there a number limit? Anyway…) are undeniably talented. And I may have a crush on one (or all) of them.

Verdict: Go see them. Go now. NOW. Run, don’t walk.

Best of the Fest (night) and The Late Show:

Line up for the night:

Lee Nelson was MC. I can’t remember who was on first. Which should tell you all you need to know. Second and third was Arj Barker and JimEoin, who was quietly hilarious, which should never be underestimated.

Terry Alderton was the final act of the night—brilliant. Absolutely stellar. Not sure what his material was actually like because he spent the vast majority of the show taking down a heckler. He torn him to pieces (verbally). It was really very impressive and as a result I would definitely go see his full show. Rage always impresses me.

Verdict: Meh. Really, meh. It was a good night but not incredible.

The Late Show was brillaint! Keith Farnan was on first…he was good, very good. I was a bit surprised at how mild he was considering the title of his full show is “Sex Traffic”. Then there was Danny Bhoy (gorgeous), with some genuinely hilarious chat, the best of which was a piece about cat vomit. Finally, there was Carey Marx, full of subversive, hilarious snippits. This was much better than Best of the Fest, they had a better way with a late night crowd…keeping in mind this was on Sunday night, I was already exhausted and the gig finished at 3am, I was laughing until the end!

Verdict: Go for it! Excellent night…just sleep beforehand.

Ok, there is more, but this post is long enough…and have I mentioned I’m tired? So very tired.

*See, Precise Particulars of Pensivity, not every post has to start with “In Which…”. I’m growing as a person, dammit!


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