In which a plan comes together…

Today was a very exciting day. Today, a group of women synchronised their watches, set their alarm clocks and arrived at work at 9am on the dot. Or, if you are me you try really very hard to get to work for 9am but instead arrive for 08.34. Sigh.

Anyway, there was a reason for this mass arrival, a very important reason. The previews of the A-Team movie were showing in our local cineplex. We all enjoyed the A-Team tv series, had even been to “A-Team: the Musical” at the Edinburgh Fringe last year. All this aside, there was one reason and one reason only we were gathering en masse today…Bradley Cooper.

Jeebus, the man is hot. H.O.T.T. Delightfully appealing to the eyes, in fact. Stupendously splendiferous to behold. We are girls, sometimes we need these things. And Liam Neeson isn’t too bad either—some of you will know that I love a man with a certain amount of power. I was happy. And I swear, I am not drooling. Almost, but not quite.

Anyway, to be very honest, we were prepared for a giant pile of shite. We would willingly put up with this for Bradley, or The Bradley as we were calling him by the end of the movie.

But it was good. It was enjoyable, funny, light. Quite a bit of what one could wish for when going to the cinema for some escapist entertainment. The movie started with the longest intro in the world, introducing the characters, showing The Bradley in a dangerous situation with his shirt off, Hannibel with a giant cigar practically bursting with integrity (Hannibel, not the cigar…just to clarify), BA beating all around him to get his beloved van back and Murdock, a pleasant surprise as a completely believable genius lunatic.

The story was fine, light. The A-Team’s easy manipulation of dangerous situations, effortlessly saving everything in the nick of time is exactly what we expected. It fell down a little bit in the climactic battle scene, but that is just because I am pedantic and, do you know what, rockets can’t do that. Any more and I will be awash with spoilers so you’ll have to see it to see if you agree with me.

There was plenty of laughter, a lot of lighthearted camaraderie—I can practically guarantee that every one in that cinema left with more joy in their heart than they entered with. And that can’t be bad. And Bradley looked good…which is even better.*

* I am completely aware that I sound like a vapid, ridiculous girl basely objectifying The Bradley. I have no come back to this. I will state that, for the amount of times he wandered around without a top on, the filmmakers expected this…so if he’s happy to do it, I’m off the hook, right?


One Comment on “In which a plan comes together…”

  1. Mmmm, Bradley Cooper. That is enough reason for me.

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