In which I ask you what to blog about…

So we all know this is a new blog (with a total of three amazing posts…amazing, I tell you!). Since I started this I have been rolling around ideas, pondering what to write about. A few nights ago, I had the most amazing idea right before I went to sleep.

It was that blissful moment right before sleep, when your limbs are heavy and your eyes can’t open. Some of my best thoughts arrive in these moments…not that I have ever remembered any of them! Never. Not one. But I know had I retained the topic in my brain it would have been the most epic blog post ever. It would have made you laugh, cry, made your ears bleed, make your mind explode with its awesomeness…

So anyway, I can’t remember it. So I asked my flatmate (hereafter known as Beloved Flatmate) what I should blog about. Her initial response was (word for word) “dirty dirty sex”, her second was the new Howler Monkey that has just been introduced into Edinburgh zoo. So, in the spirit of appeasement, there is a new baby Howler Monkey and very cute he looks too.

Then I asked Twitter (the collective hivemind that I love) and it threw up a multitude of responses, from buses and fairies, to poop and my inability to pronounce certain words…thanks for that, by the way. I will deal with some of these topics in the future, no doubt.

So you’ve read to the end of this post and nothing much seems to have happened right? Imagine how I feel, my best idea floated away on a bed of dreams.


2 Comments on “In which I ask you what to blog about…”

  1. Let this be a lesson to you to keep a notebook beside your bed! Good luck with the new blog (and you’re right, the Howler monkey is cute).

  2. Ciara says:

    Thanks for the comment! And you’re right, need to be better prepared! It really was perfect. In fact, I think it was the satisfaction of chancing upon such an excellent topic that sent me off to sleep in the first place.

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