Soooo, here we go!

So this is Muddled Musings on Miscellaneous . . . as the name may suggest, I’m not quite sure what will be going on here. There may be rants, ponderings, book/film/music reviews. There will definitely be em dashes and ellipses, that I can promise you.


5 Comments on “Soooo, here we go!”

  1. Jane Travers says:

    Shortest blog post in history…!

    Still, I suppose that’s good going for you since you always swore you weren’t a writerly type. Come on then, let’s have more bloggage. I want grammatical-type rants and tales of a twenty-something in Edinburgh. Ok? 🙂

  2. nettiewriter says:

    And you are? Any identity here?

  3. No better lady for a few muddled musings to keep us entertained! Looking forward to it all (no pressure of course) Go Team 😉

  4. Ooh I’m looking forward to following this!

    Good luck with it Ciara! x

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